Marketing Plan

21st Century Marketing Plan

Times have changed and newer digital marketing strategies make your house stand out and lead to a more effective sale than ever before!

Don’t get stuck in the past, Shay Realtors markets your home with the latest tools of the time. Traditional methods of marketing your home are no longer enough to make your house stand out. With social media marketing, drone videography and 3D tours there are numerous methods we use to set your home apart from other homes. 21st century real estate marketing leads to increased visibility of your home and increases the likelihood of reaching the right buyer at the right time. Aerial photos of surrounding neighborhoods show people exactly what it would be like to live in the community. 3D tours make potential home buyers envision themselves in the home for sale and create an emotional connection. With these latest home marketing trends, you can count on Shay Realtors to market your home with the most effective strategies that will make your home stand out and secure the best deal you are looking for.

We can help you reach an international and national audience of home buyers!

How We Market Your Home

Home Staging

Staging your home just right makes all the difference when potential home buyers view your home photos and 3D tours or come to an open house. They want to visualize themselves in the home and home staging allows them to do so.

Drone Videography

Give home buyers the whole picture when they see aerial footage of your home and can view the surrounding neighborhoods and community lifestyle to imagine themselves truly living in their new home.

Professional Real Estate Photography

Studies show that having professional photos of homes makes it sell quicker and for a higher price. Potential home buyers are captured by bright, high quality images that showcase the space and features of each room.

3D Home Tours

One of the newest forms of marketing homes for sale, 3D home tours give potential home buyers a special look into the house for sale instantaneously and on their own time.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing allows us to interact with home sellers and home buyers. We showcase each home, community and lifestyle to engage with online followers who are most likely to buy or sell.

Maximizing Online Visibility

Using top real estate sites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor and Redfin, we promote homes to buyers and sellers all over the world. With maximum online visibility your home is sure to be seen by the right people.

Targeted Advertisements

Whether it’s Facebook or Google we utilize targeted advertisements to reach the right people at the right time. With today’s tools and technology, it is easier than ever to share your home with the most likely home buyers.

Search Engine Optimization

Utilizing search engine optimization strategies, we get your home showing on the top pages of Google and other valuable search engines, making sure your home is the one being seen!

International Audience

Shay Realtors marketing tools push your home out to an international audience ensuring maximum exposure to all potential buyers interested in your home.