Broker’s Corner – April 17, 2018

Broker’s Corner – April 17, 2018

Building A Community
This past weekend, Shay Realtors hosted a taco truck at my newest listing in Del Sur.  As I looked around at the potential buyers who there mingling with the neighbors, learning what is great about living in Del Sur, all while enjoying tacos outside on this beautiful San Diego day, it reminded me how much I enjoyed building communities.

Community is not only limited to the people who live in 92127, but also to the people who work and “play” in the area.

The highlight of the open house was not only seeing lots of potential buyers coming through our clients home, but also that several of our friends and clients stop by to visit us.

As you can see on the below photograph with my Senior Agent David Flores and myself, a young lady decide to photo bomb as and stand beside us. How cute is she?

And once again, it hit me as to how much I love this job!  I have dedicated my life to serving the people in this great city of San Diego, and I am excited to continue to do so well into the future!

My fantastic team at Shay Realtors is going to continue to build community, selling lots of homes all while having a great time doing it!

Have a great day!

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