Broker’s Corner April 27, 2018

Broker’s Corner April 27, 2018

Yep, It’s A News Story!

One of the jobs of local reporters is to convey to the public what is happening in our communities.

When Channel 10 asked me what the local housing market was like at the lower price point or entry level, I said it was “crazy!”

They were stunned when I told them that we had over 60 people came through in two hours to view a $400,000 condo that was only a 2 bedroom / 1.5 bath  They came out during our open house the next day to interview myself an my agent, Monica Powell.

As I suspected from the large turnout at our open houses, we received LOTS of offers. Last evening, I wrote approximately 15 counter offers for this great property.

It is common not to counter all the offers you receive, but I feel the agents work hard to present their client’s offer, and we should at least give them a chance to participate in the counters.

If you want more information on how we structure counters to best represent our clients, be sure to give me a call at 858-449-4970.  It’s rather interesting how it all comes together!

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