Broker’s Corner – Jan. 23, 2018

Broker’s Corner – Jan. 23, 2018

At Shay Realtors, we take great care of our clients in a variety of different ways.  One way that is especially important is we work diligently to prevent our clients from becoming victims of cyber-crime.

As an alert to everyone who reads this, wire fraud is one of the newest and fastest growing areas of cyber-crime.

There are several things to look for that may alert you to that the wire fund transfer is being requested is a fraud.

  • A push for urgency on the response

  • Suspicious URL

  • Misspellings in body of email

The bottom line is you must stay vigilant and always verify with a phone call prior to sending a wire transfer.

Our preferred lender, Chad Baker of RPM Mortgage, as well as our partners in escrow, are well versed in spotting cyber-crime.

Have a great day!

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