Brokers Corner July 10, 2018

Brokers Corner July 10, 2018

The Power of the Drone and Other Technology

With the invention of the drone, it has forever changed how we market residential real estate.  In years past, we would have to hire a helicopter to get powerful images to show the beautiful angles of high end estates.

With the evolution of drones, we can bring this high end marketing to every home we sell.  It also allows our buyers/sellers a first hand look at the condition of the roof, chimneys, etc—items that usually only inspectors get to see.

At Shay Realtors™, our agents and supportive partnerships have developed many new ways to expose your home to buyers around the world.  One of the best ways is through visual imagery and the addition of other 3D modeling, image overlays, and other cutting edge technology that at the end of the day will get you the best possible price for your home or estate.  Our international buyers can now “walk through” a home in San Diego without leaving the comforts of his/her home.

If you would like more information on how we utilize current technology to increase the amount of buyers through your home, please contact me at 858.449.4970.  I look forward to speaking with you!

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