Broker’s Corner – July 31, 2018

Broker’s Corner – July 31, 2018

Community Connections

I have been blessed to own a thriving company that is able to give back to this great community in which I live, work, and have raised my 3 boys!

Through my years as a San Diego Police Lieutenant, I received first hand knowledge of how important strong leadership is to a keep a community thriving.  That is why i personally allow 501(c) organizations (such as 4SRLL, 4S Softball, Soccer, Boys & Girls Scouts, teachers|principals, churches, etc.) to utilize The Community Hub® at nights and weekends.  It is vital to me that the people helping to make this community a better place through their volunteerism to have a place to meet that is safe and free to use.

Just recently, we were one of the main sponsors of the Summer Clasico here in 4S Ranch.  This brought over 134 teams from all over California to our area.  Not only did it promote positive youth sports, but also helped our local 92127 economy.  These teams & families ate here, slept here, and shopped at our stores.  This was more than just about sports.  It was a great community event!

We also continue to support the 4S | Del Sur Community Foundation.  As one of the founding members, I saw early on the need for such an organization.   Throughout the last decade, 4SCF has granted more than $266,000 to support nonprofit organizations and built an endowment of nearly $120,000, generating over $380,000 worth of impact in the community.  This has truly been a win/win for our community!

We will continue to do our part to help our community grow, and I hope you continue to support Shay Realtors® as well with your real estate needs.  We truly appreciate your continued support.

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