Broker’s Corner June 12, 2018

Broker’s Corner June 12, 2018


I am very excited to announce the addition of Concierge Services to Shay Realtors® list of services that we provide to our clients.

When we first opened our Community Hub ®, located across the front of our reception desk, it read Concierge because we always wanted to offer services at a higher level- -that is the best in the business.

When we trade marked Got Hub ™, we replaced Concierge with Got Hub™ but never lost sight of our goal to give the very best in service to our clients.

About $450 million in sales later, we would like to announce that we have hired a Concierge Manager!  She will be our moving, home organizing, and space clearing expert!

Having a Concierge Manager will be an amazing addition to our growing team! We feel very lucky to have this one of a kind service exclusively with Shay Realtors®!

Check back next week, and we will have more specifics about this new role.


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