Which Buyer Is Best?

Which Buyer Is Best?


Selling homes looks so easy from an outside perspective.  Developing multiple offers and recommending the right buyer is just two additional ways professional Realtors® earn their commission as well as the trust of their clients.

On paper, some buyers look absolutely terrific. Sometimes there can be a complex series of factors that include the financial capabilities of a client, as well as motivation, cash reserves, and also sometimes most importantly, which Realtor® are they working with.

Yes, The Realtor® on the other side of the transaction is a critical component of the home actually closing. At Shay Realtors, we frequently get our offers accepted due to our great reputation in the real estate community which is a direct reflection of  the outstanding professionalism of our team members.

From a real estate perspective, selecting the right buyer(s) offer takes years of experience.  If you are interviewing a real estate agent to represent you on the sale of your home, be sure to inquire about their experience in this area as well as what protocols they use to ensure the buyers can successfully close the transaction on what is likely their largest investment.

Be sure to call us if you want more information on this critical step in the home selling process at 858.449.7355.

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