College Application Tips

College Application Tips

I had always been super excited about going to college. Watching my four brothers go through the application process helped me know what to expect. I still remember the excitement I had when I was getting started on my first college application. I was so excited and ready to start the process, I was ready to officially become a TCU horned frog. Here are some tips that I got during my process.


  • Make a list of all of the colleges you’re interested, and check their websites for details on the application process. The website should have all the details on the school including the GPA deadlines and fees for both the application and financial aid, and whether or not they accept the Common Application.

  • Make an appointment with your school counselor to discuss the schools you want to apply to. Counselors are very helpful with letting you know all of the school’s expectations for the application process. Counselors will also help with the procedure for sending transcripts and all that is needed for the counselor recommendation letter.

  • Go to your teacher’s early to ask for recommendation letters. Most colleges require one to two recommendation letters from teachers and one from your counselor. Use the teachers who know you well both academically and personally. Give them enough time to write thoughtful and considerate recommendations, and be sure to thank them.

  • Be honest with all of your information. Admissions staff will verify the information that you provide, so keep it honest and do not exaggerate your accomplishments.

  • Make sure your essay represents who you are. The essay is your only opportunity to explain why you are different from other applicants. Be original and make your essay personal.

  • Keep copies of everything. Keep copies of your applications, your recommendation letters, your essays, and all other materials that are needed in the application process.

  • Confirm that your application materials arrived. If you are sending your application through the mail, contact each of your schools to make sure they have received your application materials


Good luck with starting the application process for college! If you ever have any questions in regards to college or the process email me at and it would be my pleasure to help!


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