Going to College with Kiana

Going to College with Kiana

Who is Kiana Werneth?

My name is Kiana Werneth. I’m 19 years old and currently a sophomore at Texas Christian University. I have lived in San Diego for the majority of my life. I lived in 4s Ranch until I was 14 years old and then my family and I moved to Boise, Idaho for high school. My parents and I recently moved back to California and now I am working at Shay Realtors for the summer.

College Decision Making Tips

About two years ago I decided to attend TCU, also known as Texas Christian University,  and that was most definitely the best decision I have ever made. Some of you, or your children, are finally ready to start applying for colleges and are about to make one of your biggest decisions to date. There are a lot of different questions that you’ll need to keep in mind when figuring out what college is best for you. Do you want a small school or a large school? Instate or out of state? Personally for me, I knew I wanted a small out of state college.


When looking for a school, I also looked into location. Whether or not you want to live in hot or cold weather, it can be a big part of the decision. I wanted to go to school somewhere that had both a hot season and a cold season, which is why Texas was perfect for me.


I think every teen is a little, if not completely, terrified for college academics but rest assured its totally manageable. For me, majoring in Strategic Communications, I found that TCU gave me the adequate resources and guidance to be a successful student. A quick little tip in deciding classes is to always use ratemyprofessor.com, because I will not sign up for a class before checking out my professor now since they seriously make or break my experience in any class.

We all know that academics can be a monumental decision in picking schools but it shouldn’t be the only factor because college is so much more than that.

Social Life

When you’re going into college, you might think it is going to be super hard to find a group of friends but luckily for you, everyone is in the same boat. No matter where you go, you’ll find friends but it is good to go to a school that helps you meet people. At TCU, they host different events that can help you have fun and meet new people. Whether it’s concerts, sponsoring tailgates, waterslides in the commons, TCU makes it impossible to not meet new people.


Another big factor, at least for me, was to find a school with a good athletics team. That is something that really drew me to TCU. I wanted to go to a school with a big football and basketball team because I have always loved the whole school spirit atmosphere.


When picking schools, make sure to go and visit the school first. When I went and visited TCU, I was sold the minute I arrived on campus. For my parents, they were sold the minute our tour guide told us about campus safety. Campus safety is super important when going to college and you need to know if your school puts safety of it’s students first. Make sure that you and your parents feel safe with you attending the school.

And that would be my advice to those looking for colleges. Looking forward to telling you more about my college life next time!

If you ever have any questions in regards to college or the process email me at kiana@shayrealtors.com and it would be my pleasure to help!

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