Top 4 San Diego Workouts

Top 4 San Diego Workouts

You’ve still got time to get the Summer body you want! In San Diego, it’s not hard to workout outside between the warm weather and beautiful beaches. San Diego has plenty of trails, hikes, and activities to keep you fit year-round. However, if you’re looking for a little more of a demanding workout, you might want to try one of these great workout studios. The classes are incredible and the after-burn could not be more worth it! Whether you want a relaxing but intensive workout, or you’re looking for an all-out body combat, San Diego has it all! Here are a few of our favorite classes we’ve taken and the kind of workout you get.

1. The Daily Method

Kicking off the list is one of our favorite places to go for a full body workout. The Daily Method studio combines Pilates, yoga and ballet barre classes, to give you a satisfying combination of stretching and firming/toning exercises. This studio focuses on the alignment of your body, and making sure you are getting a good workout while being kind to your body and joints as well! The classes are categorized into different levels, so you can choose how intensive you’d like to take each day. The Daily Method even offers classes for pregnant women!

2. Rush Cycle

Get on the bandwagon and try a cycling class! They’re a reason why this intense type of workout has gained so much exposure and popularity over the last couple of years. Rush Cycle currently has four locations throughout San Diego and even more to come! By joining this studio you are able to choose which classes, locations and instructors you like best. Rush Cycle encourages people of all levels to try a class, because it is one of the best cardio workouts in the area! If you are unsure about this workout, Rush Cycle offers new members a week of unlimited classes for only $25, so you can test it out (but trust us, you’ll want to sign up after realizing the kind of cardio you get in)!

3. Orangetheory Fitness

Quite possibly one of our favorite workouts on the list, OrangeTheory fitness lives up to the hype! You may have heard of this chain fitness studio because they have been opening up more and more locations across America. However, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just another fitness membership. OrangeTheory classes combine cardio and strength training to help you achieve a workout that not only has your burning calories during the one hour session, but after too! Your OrangeTheory Fitness workout is based on your heart rate, so each individual is doing a workout that is tailored to his/her needs and abilities.

4. Trilogy Sanctuary

Find your inner peace by heading over to Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla! This yoga studio doesn’t offer your typical yoga classes. The kind of workout offered at Trilogy Sanctuary is intense, restorative and cleansing. Visitors and members can choose between a variety of classes that are each designed to achieve a goal. For instance, the heated classes are targeted to heal your muscles, while the vinyasa classes focus heavily on breathing and toning muscles. One of the most popular reasons why so many people love Trilogy Sanctuary is for the lyra and aerial yoga classes! There’s something so calming about being suspended in mid air.

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