Da Mole Report – Jan. 30, 2018

Da Mole Report – Jan. 30, 2018

Hi Boss!

DNHS had a great turnout at da Eric Paredes Screen Your Teen event on Sunday.  It was so great seein’ all da kiddos comin’ out to get their hearts checked!!

Prior to gettin’ tested, da organizers had a CPR/AED station to teach da parents and teens how to perform CPR as well as how to use an AED machine in case of an emergency.  What a great opportunity to be able to reach so many people, Boss!

After da event, Eric Paredes’ mom, Rhina, wrote an e-mail to distribute to da volunteers and it included these numbers:

“Today we provided the gift of screening to 720 teens finding 6 with cardiac abnormalities that puts them at risk of sudden cardiac death and 4 with other cardiac abnormalities. “

Those numbers are HUGE, Boss!  Generally, da Eric Paredes Foundation finds one kid in 300 with da cardiac abnormalities that accompany sudden cardiac death – our rate at DHNS was three times that.  It’s just luck of da draw, but to find 6 kids at one screening makes da Foundation so happy that it’s making a difference.

If you weren’t able to make this event, please consider registering for their next free screenin’ at Torrey Pines High School on March 25.  Click here to register.

My sources have uncovered a fun event at Chick-fil-A in Del Sur.  On February 7, Chick-fil-A is hostin’ a Daddy-Daughter Date Night from 4:30pm – 7:30pm!

Da event helps foster an environment where Dads can provide their undivided attention and get to spend quality time with their Daughters.

Tickets are $10-$25 and include 40 minute table reservations with table side dinner service for dad and one daughter, dinner, fountain beverages, dessert & flower for each daughter. Tickets also include a limo ride, crafts, photo booth and dancing outside after dinner.

There is no dress code, however most of the girls attending “dress up” fancy dresses, princess dresses etc.! Please note some of the activities are outdoors so jackets/sweaters are recommended.  CLICK HERE for more information and to purchase tickets.

My final scoop for yous guyz is that Massage Heights 4S Ranch is offerin’ some HOT deals!! Today and tomorrow ONLY, you can schedule a massage or facial for $59.99 or $69.99.  This offer is only good for repeat guests and you must mention that you heard about this special through their email.

Elizabeth :10AM,11AM,1PM,2PM
Jessica: 11:30AM
Kevin: 12PM,1PM
Jacki: 4:30PM,7PM,8PM
Jieun: 3PM,6PM,7PM,8PM
Kristina: 3PM,8PM

Jessica: 9AM,10AM,11AM
Kristina: 9AM
Rosana (Facials): 9AM,10AM,2PM,3PM,7PM,8PM
Paige (Facials): 12PM,1PM,2PM,3PM,4PM
Jieun: 3PM,7PM,8PM
Karinna: 3PM,4PM,5PM,6PM,7PM,8PM
Shireen: 3PM,4PM,7:30PM

Call Massage Heights 4S directly at 858.304.2400 to schedule.

Da Mole Out!

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