5 Ways to Become a More Successful Real Estate Agent

5 Ways to Become a More Successful Real Estate Agent

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and enter the world of real estate as an agent. You’ve heard it’s a tough but rewarding career and you want to be the best agent in your area. Here are some tips we think will help get you there.

1) Be Yourself


In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Polonius tells his son Laertes as he is getting ready to head to Paris:

“This above all: to thine own self be true,

And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

He is being long-winded, but his words ring true today. Know who you are at your core, and be genuine with your potential clients. Are you laid back, or an extrovert? Calm and collected or funny and excited? Passion speaks volumes to potential real estate listers and buyers and if they know you are being real with them, and truly care about the success of the transaction, and about them, that speaks volumes. Great real estate agents are real, period.

2) You’ve Got to Be Available

Being a great real estate agent means being connected to your clients. How long does it take for you to return a phone call or answer an email? If a nervous buyer or seller knows that by calling you they will hear from you in minutes, not hours, it goes a long way to decreasing their stress levels and increasing their trust in you.

Also remember to ask the client how they like their communication. Text? Email? Phone Call? Connecting with your clients in the way they like best helps you connect with them more quickly, when decisions and choices need to be made. If you wait to put in an offer for a client because you haven’t checked your email in a couple of hours, that deal may well be gone and the client has lost their dream home.

Shutterstock / Kaspars Grinvalds

Shutterstock / Kaspars Grinvalds


3) You’ve Got to Have the Latest Gadgets

This doesn’t mean go out and buy the latest Apple smart phone just because it’s available. It does mean it is important to stay up with technology, so you can easily communicate with your clients and potential clients quickly. If you use an iPad or other smart tablet, it allows you to check the real estate related headlines while you are waiting for your clients to arrive. You continue to be an expert in your field, and that knowledge is readily apparent and appreciated.

4) Join an Agency

No one knows it all. We all benefit from talking, and helping each other out on difficult deals and ways to make them work. It is a tough business, and going in alone puts you in a vulnerable position. Having the knowledge and expertise base of an agency can help you make your name in the industry much more quickly. Plus, the added benefit of office staff can reduce your paperwork time, allowing you more time to chase those leads!

5) Don’t Forget Your Contacts

Not only are fellow agents important to your success, so are the contractors, appraisers, lenders and insurance providers you run across in the course of doing business. Make sure they know you appreciate their expertise, if they are excellent in what they do. Even in Southern California, those kinds of small town relationships can mean all the difference in getting new deals, and getting those new deals done. The best agents care for those in their network and are happy to refer deals to the appraisers and lenders, for example. They, in return, will remember you when they hear of a real estate deal that might be right up your alley.

Bottom line is that great customer service means your clients know that you know your business, will connect with them quickly, and that you are authentic. We value those qualities at Shay Realtors and would love to talk with you about ways to get your real estate career into high gear!

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