Factor Transportation Into Your Home’s Location

Factor Transportation Into Your Home’s Location

Today I’m coming to you from the Solana Beach train station to underscore the importance of considering transportation when buying a home.

It’s another sunny day in beautiful Southern California, and today I’m at the train station in Solana Beach. Taking the train from here is a great way to get to Los Angeles, with nearby bus service to the airport.

If you’re moving to California, and San Diego specifically, make sure you select an expert Realtor who knows traffic patterns and flows. For example, around the Del Mar Race Track, you’ll see frequent issues, and State Route 78 and I-15 can be a mess.

A great Realtor should go beyond simply repeating, “How awesome is the view from this house?” and share with you honest information about transportation. How do I get to the airport from here? Will I anticipate a heavy pedestrian flow around my house? Can you hear the freeway from this location? These are all questions buyers should ask, and a competent Realtor should answer.

“Make sure you select an expert Realtor that knows traffic patterns and flows.”

There’s so much to consider when it comes to factoring in transportation. Make sure you have easy access to L.A., downtown San Diego, the airport, or whatever spots matter most to you.

Stay tuned, because in the next couple of months we’ll be talking more in-depth about what there is to see around San Diego (and what may be worth living by).

I hope you had a swell first month of 2020. As always, if you have any real estate questions or you’re thinking of buying or selling soon, reach out to us via phone or email. My amazing team of multilingual Realtors and I will be glad to help.

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