Things to Do in San Diego This Summer

Things to Do in San Diego This Summer

San Diego is great place to be because the weather is awesome, the people are friendly, and there is always something going on! Especially during the Summer, San Diego is a fun place to explore! Whether you’re looking for a more relaxing event, or an adventurous day out with the family, there’s something for everyone. Use this list of events and activities as your ultimate guide for Summer fun! We’ve included a few crowd favorites as well as some events you may not know about!

San Diego Zoo

Although this may seem like an obvious Summer activity for San Diego locals, the San Diego Zoo has much more to offer than most people realize. Aside from it being the largest zoo on the West Coast, the San Diego Zoo offers summer camps, interactive exhibits, private tours, experiences with the animals, and workshops just to name a few. This Summer is the perfect time to visit the zoo. If you have never been, or even if you are a frequent visitor, this is a great time to come because Africa Rocks is taking over this season. Africa Rocks features six new exhibits and plenty of new animals and educational experiences! The San Diego Zoo is a great place to take the kids for the day!

Movies/Concerts in the Park

All throughout San Diego this Summer there are movies and concerts in the park. Depending on where in San Diego you’re located, take a look at your local park or town schedule for a list of which parks are participating, or where the nearest one is! This is a great activity to pack a picnic and bring the kids to. But, it can also be a romantic date night with some wine and cheese!


Whether you have a ticket to the event or you just want to watch the commotion as a bystander, the Comicon is certainly not a weekend to be missed! Taking place the weekend of July 20-23 at the Convention Center in downtown San Diego, Comicon draws in visitors from all over to experience a superhero-filled weekend of excitement. Although buying a ticket to the event is very fun for those who have never experienced it, you can also get somewhat of an experience from simply hanging out around the convention center and watching all of the characters (quite literally) that participate in this event.

Del Mar Races

A day at the racetrack never hurt anyone! The Del Mar Races are one of San Diego’s most iconic events during the Summer! With Opening Day happening on Wednesday, July 19th, there’s plenty of time to get your outfits together and purchase tickets! The Opening Day is a great event to attend, but if you miss that, there are plenty of other fun events throughout the rest of the Summer!

Spirits Festival

Need a day out with just the adults? The Spirits Festival on August 26th is a fun event and a great day out for the parents! Leave the kids at home and uber to this event, because you will be drinking. Purchasing a ticket for the Spirits Festival gets you unlimited tastings of craft beer and wine from over 50 different vendors. Other food vendors and arts & crafts vendors will be in attendance as well.

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