What Happens to Real Estate After This Election?

What Happens to Real Estate After This Election?

Here are our thoughts on how the election will impact our market.

Today we’re coming to you from our Shay Realtors kiosk—small office, big business! Speaking of big business, so many people are asking us what’s going to happen after the election takes place. There are plenty of unknowns; discussion rages about the effect it will have on home prices and our market’s overall levels of supply and demand. The government has recently made some changes to small business loans concerning what income owners can and can’t count. If a new administration comes in, what will its policy be regarding this type of lending?

It’s clearly a difficult time for our country, but I believe that once a decision is made as to who will sit in the driver’s seat, there will still be a strong demand for houses. How long this demand will last is yet another one of those pesky unknowns. A lot of our sellers are sitting on the sidelines until spring to see what happens.

If you want more information on what’s going on out there in the current market or the value of your home, please reach out to us here at Shay Realtors; we’d be more than happy to provide you with the information and resources you need to navigate this period of uncertainty. Remember to get out and vote! Make your voice heard, and have a wonderful day.

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